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Cabinet Painting

cabinet painting for bold fresh new look

If you are looking for a bold, fresh new look to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you will love our Cabinet Painting service.

We can match any color from any major paint manufacturer (i.e. Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore, Dunn Edwards, PPG, and Benjamin Moore).  The options are endless.  


The choice is yours, because with Wood Renovations & Painting, your dream is our promise!

What is cabinet painting?

Cabinet Painting offers an opaque-colored finish for a more uniform and seamless look to your kitchen.  With the robust range of color options, we can match any style you desire.

When choosing your cabinet finish there are different sheens to consider:

Matte:  Flat finish and doesn't really reflect light or have any shine at all.

Semi-Gloss:  Shiny and bright finish - perfect for bold, striking cabinets.

Satin:  Slightly flatter than a semi-gloss finish, but still has some shine.

Gloss:  Shiniest paint finish and reflects the most light.

painted cabinet door samples
removing cabinet doors for service

Our Process

Our process for this service is similar to our Cabinet Color Change service. 

During our application stage, we spray on your chosen color, providing a smooth opaque finish.

Just as we do for our Classic Renewal or Color Change service, we remove all cabinet doors and drawer faces, so they can be prepped, painted and finished at our shop.  This allows you to live life as you normally would, with minimal disruption from us.

To view our full detailed process, click the link below.

Additional Finish Techniques

We offer custom finishing techniques to further personalize your project.


Glazing: Highlighting the details of your cabinets by applying transparent or semi-transparent glaze, giving your cabinets a rustic, aged or antique look.

Distressed: By weathering your cabinets by hand, we are able to add enough imperfections to mimic the look of wear and tear, leaving a perfectly aged appearance. 

distressed cabinets
Cabinet Work Estimate on Clipboard
Project Estimate

With Wood Renovations & Painting there are no hidden costs.  We work with your budget, while still getting you the look you desire.

Check out our Pricing page to learn more.

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